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The Face Behind The Name

Meet David


Read my interview on VoyageLA Magazine!

I first started making candles as a hobby during my junior year at UCLA. It was a great pastime for me and it allowed me to disconnect my mind from the intense work that UCLA requires. The decision to develop Christopher by David came easily with hopes that I can turn my hobby into something that people can also enjoy. I have always had a love for candles but I would often struggle when looking for the scents and styles that I wanted. I desired a sleek and sophisticated look while also keeping things modern and elegant. I choose scents that reflect the seasons, energies, and moods that I encounter in my life and that can be appealing for others to enjoy.


The symbol that I have chosen to represent my brand is a reference to my Armenian roots. It is an ancient Armenian symbol symbolizing eternity and everlasting celestial life. I have a deep connection to my culture and wanted to honor that in my work. I hope that you can enjoy my candles as much as I do and help me bring a little light into the world.

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