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All-Natural Rattan Reed Diffuser – Lavender Sage – Non-toxic


~An herbal combination of lavender, lime, sage, jasmine and Artemis leaves with a hint of sandalwood~


Up to 4 ounces of fragrance oil are used to create our scented reed diffusers for a total of 6 ounces in an elegant, yet minimal clear glass square jar. 


Diffusers are a wonderful alternative to candles that provide extremely long-lasting fragrance with minimal care. No need to worry about an open flame!

Lavender Sage - Natural Rattan Reed Diffuser

  • Every few days, turn a couple of reeds over to refresh the scent.

    TIP: Place a cloth underneath before turning reeds over to catch any drops of oil and avoid damaging surfaces.

  • For best results, place your diffuser in a walkway or an area with a draft that may carry the scent across the room. Because reed diffusers do not use the heat, they need air movement to carry fragrance.

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