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4-wick candle in Stone - White Sage & Citrus scent.


Stone is our newest candle collection.

It features various stone vessels - no two vessels are exactly alike. Minor color differences and natural formations within the vessels offer pleasant uniqueness.


Our Stone candles are stoic, structural art pieces.

Clean lines and minimal features make this collection a modern visionary's go-to for a decorative, yet calming addition to their space. 

Stone Vessel Candle - White Sage & Citrus

  • Please be sure to trim your candle's wick to 1/4" before each burn to prevent any buildup of residue.

  • After use, the wax may not seem as smooth as it was initially. Do not Worry! This is actually an indication that the wax used is truly 100% Soy Wax without any additives.

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